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    1300 66 75 35  info@beyondthemaze.com.au

    • Why spend time stuck in your office or missing valuable family time doing boring administration.   See more clients or have more family time and give it to us to take care of.

    • Do you have reports or notes that you have to do in order to keep your patient files up to date?  It is so much quicker to dictate this rather than typing it.  Why not dictate and have us type this for you?  Confidentiality assured. 

    • Do you run events and need assistance?   We can assist with ticketing, sourcing venues, making travel arrangements,  preparing documentation and anything else that you may need to plan an awesome event. 

    • We can provide great customer service to your customers.  We can assist with any questions they may have, information required about your services and assistance with any purchases that they may make with you. 

    • Let us take care of your appointments for you.   We can book them for you and confirm appointments to ensure that people don't miss their appointments.   No cold calling. 

    • Are you so busy with your clients that you are missing phone calls?   Let us answer your calls for you and help them instantly. 

    • Why An Assistant

      Why not?  You have spent years studying and developing your expertise, so why be tied down doing administration tasks.  Chances are you don't enjoy these tasks anyway and you probably procrastinate and therefore it takes forever to get it done.  

      Never miss a valuable client call again, while you are seeing your valuable clients we will ensure your other clients are taken care of. 

    • Why Choose Us

      We get the job done!   We are a team of Virtual Assistants based in Australia.  We all work in the same office in North Brisbane.  If you wish to use an overseas Virtual Assistant as well as our services we will work with your overseas Virtual Assistant.  You don't have to ensure continuing education as we do that.   You don't have to worry about having staff away sick or on holidays as we always have someone to cover you.  We understand your business and work with your to help you grow. 

    • “I couldn’t believe how powerful outsourcing could be. Beyond the Maze complete my time-intensive tasks so that I can focus on the big picture. It was a pleasure to work with them!"
    • “Beyond the Maze are fantastic, personal professionals to work with. They follow your project from start to finish to ensure your needs and expectations are meet. The Beyond the Maze team are very easy to work with, they put their clients first."
    • The services provided by Beyond the Maze are top-notch. They helped me to streamline my business and gave me time to focus on doing what I love while they take care of the necessary details.