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  • 5 Ways a Financial Adviser Can Use A Virtual Assistant

    May 29, 2018
  • 5 Ways a Financial Planner can use a Virtual Assistant

    Are you in business for yourself? If so, you may be a person with many hats.  You are not only a financial planner, but you also may be the bookkeeper, marketing person, client services manager, receptionist and the compliance officer.

    Sound familiar?

    Outsourcing to a skilled financial planning Virtual Assistant can share some of that workload.

    You might be thinking that your business isn’t at the point of being able to afford an assistant yet, however if you outsourced just 5 hours of paperwork each week that equates to 20-25 hours of extra time each month.   How many more clients could you see in that time?   Of course, this would mean that you are also generating more income.

    But just what types of things would you use a Virtual Assistant for?

    Here are just 5 that could help but trust me there is much more!

    1. Scheduling Appointments

    A Virtual Assistant can contact your existing clients to schedule regular reviews or filter through                your emails for new client appointments.

    The paperwork can be prepared for your appointment and provided for you, so you are simply                ready to go to the appointment with whatever paperwork is required.

    1. Submitting applications and following up to implementation.

    We all know how tedious entering all the information into an application form can be and how                 much time it consumes.  Not to mention the time the follow up process takes, especially if your               client is applying for personal insurances.

    This is something that a Virtual Assistant can assist you with and therefore allow you the time to               focus on your clients needs.

    1. Office Reception and Holiday Babysitting

    What happens to your business when you are seeing a client, sick or on holidays?  Are you missing            phone calls that could be potential clients or having the hassle with having to call back fund                      managers or insurers?   Again, a Virtual Assistant can assist with this.

    We can answer your phone in real time with no more calls being missed.  Go on holidays without              having to answer the phone.  How excited does that make you feel?

    1. Keep Compliance Record Up To Date

    Based on my past experience as a paraplanner and financial adviser, I know how much time                       compliance can take.   A Virtual Assistant can monitor your compliance needs to ensure everything           remains up to date and it isn’t a mad dash to bring everything in line just before your compliance             audit appointment.

    1. Social Media Management

    Amongst all the other tasks that we mentioned here, you are probably also trying to maintain                  your social media profiles to stay in front of your clients and potential clients.   Social media is                  something that can consume an awful lot of time if you let it.

    A Virtual Assistant can help with scheduling some posts across your profiles, answer any                            messages on your profile, submitting blogs or podcasts and ensuring your profile remains current            and up to date.

    Not only can a Virtual Assistant assist you with the time-consuming day to day tasks, but they can also be a great sounding board for new ideas.

    At Beyond the Admin Maze we have over 10 years’ experience in the financial planning industry with several clients using our services from compliance reviews to full office management.  We can provide services such as insurance quotes, proofreading Statement of Advice Documents, submitting applications, following up applications, tracking and implementing review appointments, confirming appointments, paperwork preparation for appointments and much more.

    If you would like a free consultation to see how your business could benefit from having a Virtual Assistant, feel free to contact me.