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  • What is a VA and How to Use Them?

    June 7, 2018
  • I was recently attending an event and it was announced that I was speaking at the next meeting.  The topic I was going to be speaking about was how a VA can help your business grow.  When this was announced there were several confused faces and a few people asked what a VA was.

    I was quite surprised that so many people didn’t know what a VA was.  We explained that VA stood for Virtual Assistant and that they assist you with administration and other tasks within your business.   Obviously, I will need to explain that a little more when I speak.

    Basically, a Virtual Assistant is like an Administration Assistant working in your business, just remotely.

    Imagine this, you are working from home or in a serviced office where it is only you.   Your business has grown where you really need some help if you are going to grow any more or just get some of your own time back to stop you working on the weekend.

    You need help!

    However, you don’t want to bring someone to work with you in your house or you don’t want to lease anymore space.   Plus, you may only need someone to do 2 hours of work a week at this stage.   It really isn’t worth it to invest in getting additional office space, stationery, computer equipment and insurance just to put someone on for 2 hours a week.

    This is where a VA can help.

    But what sort of things would they do for you?

    Well, basically anything you need them to do.  Virtual Assistants can be skilled in many different tasks, not just general administration.   You could have a Virtual Assistant who is skilled in Social Media, Recruitment, Finance, Arranging Travel, Research, Customer Service, Bookkeeping, Video Editing or Graphic Design.   There is a large array of skills that various VAs have, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Virtual Assistants can offer packages or charge by the hour for work done, it is really up to how they wish to work and something that you can discuss with the individual VA.

    If you think a VA is something you would like to investigate then here are some tips to help:

    • Make sure you are ready for a VA. Ensure you are clear on what tasks you would like them to do as this will assist you to find a suitably qualified VA.   To do this you can start a list of the work that you do repetitively and then when you have a list of a few things, you can start looking for a VA.  I have a sheet you can download with possible tasks here.
    • Ensure you have systems in place in your business. This will make the handover of work a lot easier.   The VA will know exactly what is required from them and how to implement it.
    • Ensure that you feel that you can work well together.
    • Decide if one VA can do all the tasks require or do you have to split the tasks across various VAs with different skill sets.
    • How often do you want the VA to work and what availability do you require? Some VAs only work school hours as they run their business around their children.   Do you need work covered outside of the hours that they work?

    Finding the tasks that you wish to handover and finding the right VA can be a bit of a process.  However, you need to take the time to think about these things to ensure you find the right VA for you and your business.

    I have included a downloadable list for you to get you help get you started on your Virtual Assistant journey.  Download the 101 Ways to use a Virtual Assistant list here.

    If you wish to chat with me further about how we can assist you in your business, please feel free to contact me.