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  • It’s Time To Get Help But Do You Hire an Employee or Virtual Assistant?

    March 20, 2019
  • Are you at a point in your business where you would like some admin assistance but don’t have time for recruitment?

    Are you worried about having to train someone and feel that it would be faster if you just did it yourself?

    Maybe you are trying to decide whether you have enough work to keep an employee busy?

    A lot of businesses arrive at this crossroads where they could really do with some assistance, but they are really not sure if they have enough work to keep someone busy.

    This is where a Virtual Assistant can assist.

    A Virtual Assistant can work as many or as little hours as you need them to AND it is likely you will find a Virtual Assistant who is already familiar with the industry and/or the programs that are used in the industry so very little training is needed.

    Several Virtual Assistants specialise in a particular area which allows them to provide a valuable service to that industry.

    Beyond the Admin Maze is one of those Virtual Assistants, where we provide services to Physiotherapists and over the years, have become familiar with aspects of a Physio business.

    We use programs such as Service M8, HealthKit, and Nookal so training of your own practice systems would be the only thing that you would need to do.

    It isn’t just about the programs, though right?

    There are other things like Medicare, WorkCover, PRODA and the likes but we are skilled with those as well.

    It is also being able to answer your phone while you are with valued clients, taking appointments, scheduling appointments, answering emails, answering Facebook Messages or comments, managing social media, invoicing, payments etc.  The list is endless.

    This is the advantage of using a Virtual Assistant in your practice, they are able to do many things to assist.

    Still not convinced what to do?

    Here are some examples of where a Virtual Assistant and an Employee differ.

    Virtual Assistant


    Has own equipment Need to provide equipment
    Has own office space Need office space to cater for their needs
    Paid only for Tasks Paid salary or hourly regardless if work is available
    Stay on task May ‘waste’ time at work if things are quiet
    Extra support during busy periods Limited to staff on hand
    Support as needed Limited to staff availability
    Pay on flat rate or package Need to pay rate, super, tax, WorkCover, sick & annual leave
    Specialised Skills May need extensive training
    No Paid time for an early finish Flexibility to leave early if needed

    Like all relationships, they all take time to get into the swing of things and whether you hire an employee or a virtual assistant building this relationship will take time.

    However, hiring a Virtual Assistant with the experience of working with other Physiotherapists will reduce that time.

    Would you like to discuss how you can be more productive and efficient with your administration?   Maybe you don’t actually need an assistant yet?  You may just need to adjust a few things you are already doing to make them more efficient.  Just doing this alone may assist in saving time.

    Book in for one of our FREE strategy sessions to discuss your needs.

    If you would like to know more about how we work with Physiotherapists, then check out our information page here.