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  • Getting on top of your emails in 7 easy steps

    Emails.  We either love them or hate them. Many of us dread the return to work after a few days off scenario knowing that they are very likely to return to a mountain of emails.  We can let emails rule us or we can control them.  Many of us, myself included fall into the vortex of emails and it is hard to get out.  I am one of these people that hates seeing the bolded [...]

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    How to Recognize Self-Limiting Beliefs

    The next blog of our Self-Limiting Beliefs series. Sheila is a work at home bookkeeper. She has plenty of high-paying clients and she loves what she does. But she wants to expand her business and become known as an industry expert. She’d like to start a podcast and she has the first few episodes outlined clearly. Then she goes online and starts researching how to start a podcast. She gives[...]

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    Are Your Self-Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back from Success?

    Nina is a virtual assistant that’s been working at home for two years. She has a steady client load but she’s getting restless. She loves her clients but she also wants to launch her own product line so she can have a source of repeat income and spend more time with her family. She’s done her research and she knows what type of product her community would love. But Nina starts listening [...]

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    How to Share Stories with Your Subscribers

    Danielle was a graphic designer. She enjoyed what she did, but she was always answering questions from newbies who wanted to get their own graphic design business off the ground, too. She started a website sharing tips and advice about her journey. With the new direction, she knew it was time to update her brand story. The first thing she did was glance at her welcome email. It was several [...]

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    It’s Time To Get Help But Do You Hire an Employee or Virtual Assistant?

    Are you at a point in your business where you would like some admin assistance but don't have time for recruitment? Are you worried about having to train someone and feel that it would be faster if you just did it yourself? Maybe you are trying to decide whether you have enough work to keep an employee busy? A lot of businesses arrive at this crossroads where they could really do with [...]

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    The Elements of a Sequence that Connects

    Continuing on from our "Email Marketing" Sequence. Creating an email sequence often involves looking for the “story” that needs to be told. But as soon as you hear the word “story”, you might freeze up. Maybe you tell yourself that you’re not creative enough to write up an email sequence or that you don’t know how. The good news is that writing a story isn’t difficult or [...]

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    You Do Have Stories To Tell?

    To continue on with our Email Sequence Topic this month, we talk about what topics to use. When the topic of creating email sequences comes up, you may wonder what stories you have to share. You’d happily create a sequence; you just want to know what topic you should center your messages around. If that’s the case, consider these story ideas: Your Journey What have you accomplished [...]

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    Understanding the Power of an Email Sequence

    This month I have decided to do theme's each month and March starts with Email Sequencing. Today we are talking about the Power of an Email Sequence. An email sequence is a series of messages you send your subscribers on the same topic. Sometimes, this sequence will be about introducing yourself to your subscribers with a story that you tell through several emails. Other times, you might [...]

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    Calling all Physiotherapists

    Are you a physiotherapist who works on your own? What happens when you are treating a client and the phone rings? After speaking with many physiotherapists, this is probably one of the hardest things to juggle when you are on your own. You want to provide your client with the best care possible but when the phone rings you are concerned that you will miss a valuable new client.  By the [...]

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    5 Tips to Effectively Juggle Family and a Business.

    Do you have a family and you are trying to run a business as well?   Well ,I know as much as you do about how hard that struggle can be sometimes. Some of us may have gone into business to allow flexibility around our family but then found that your business can be even less flexible than a toddler at the store wanting a toy! I see that a lot of you are nodding your head in agreement with [...]

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