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    1300 66 75 35  info@beyondthemaze.com.au

  • FAQ

  • How can I start? 

    Contact us at info@beyondthemaze.com.au or 1300 66 75 35 to discuss how we can assist you

    How do I pay?

    We provide you with an invoice and then you can pay directly into our bank account. 

    Are the plans flexible?

    Yes, you can switch between the plans or just pay by the hour if you prefer. 

    How do you keep track of the time used?

    We use a time tracking program called Harvest, this tracks our time used on clients work.  We then provide you with a report on where this time is being used.   We DO NOT charge in 15 min blocks like some businesses, we charge for the time used.   For example, if we do 7 minutes work for you, we record 7 minutes NOT 15 minute minimum.