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  • Physiotherapists

  • Have you ever been treating a patient and then the phone rings? 

    You don’t want to miss a potential client, but you also need to look after your current patient without interrupting their treatment.  This is just one of the areas a Virtual Assistant can help.

    Never miss a client again!

    Let me explain – we understand the critical importance of having assistance with the areas of your business that are not actual one on one appointments. In our experience, these necessary parts of your business are often carried in your own time, robbing you of valuable family and personal experiences. Here are the 3 main benefits that Beyond the Admin Maze can help you with …

    1. Answering Phone & Appointment Scheduling … so you know that you don’t miss new client calls and all your appointments confirmed to maximize attendance.
    2. Office administration … so you can focus on delivering the results your clients see you for without having to worry about emails and paperwork
    3. Ensuring invoices are paid by relevant government parties … so you don’t waste hours of your valuable time ensuring paperwork is up to date.

    So, if you are tired of having to work after hours to catch up on paperwork, we can help.

    How can having a Virtual Assistant help you and your business?

    • We can answer your phone and make appointments while you are attending to your clients
    • Confirm appointments to ensure people turn up
    • Reschedule cancel appointments so you don’t have gaps in your calendar
    • FOFMS  – Entering cases and submitting claims
    • PRODA – NDIS my place Provider Portal,  manage participants, payment requests & reconcile payments
    • Creating invoices and ensuring they are paid
    • Social Media to increase your exposure and information
    • and much more

    If you would like to chat with us further about how we can assist you then please contact us.